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Walks (and sometimes swims!) are for all shapes and sizes and can be either on or off lead (where/when appropriate) with games, lots of interaction, lots of sniffing, playing and just being poochy - however works best.  Typically to the fields and wide green spaces around the village where there are plenty of footpaths and space for running around and a circular walk of a couple of miles. Each outing is a mini adventure to give your pet the best time with lots of variety so not just a pavement stroll each time.


Photo's and an update are sent to each individual owner after each walk so you know how much your pet enjoyed their walk, what fun they had and what they got up to and where.

The 1-hour walk is £20.00 for a single dog from one home or £25.00 for two dogs from the same home.

(Prices increased as of 6th April 2023)


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