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Terms & Conditions

  1. An initial meeting and assessment of any new pets will be carried out to ensure a good working relationship and fit with any/all existing pets walked.

  2. Jack Dog Walks (JDW's) reserves the right at their complete discretion to refuse providing any services and walks to any potential new pet included in the services.  JDW's also reserves the right to withdraw their services at any point at their complete discretion if an existing walking member starts to display or is deemed to have the potential to be a negative, defensive or aggressive part of the walking pack.

  3. The Owner must inform JDW's immediately of any change to their pet’s behavior or any instances that take place with negative, defensive or aggressive or procreative behavior either towards another dog or a person.

  4. JDW's walks are for up to 4 dogs (sometimes plus my own) and the Owner confirms that during normal doggy play dogs may sustain injuries, sometimes they can become a little too playful.  JDW's will provide full supervision but cuts, nips, torn tendons or other injuries can occur.

  5. The Owner confirms that JDW's has relied on their information regarding their pet and that the pet has not displayed any defensive, aggressive and unsocial behaviours to either another dog or to a person.

  6. Female dogs in season, or shortly due a season or pregnant are unable to be walked in a group walk by JDW's as that will be too much disruption for the group.

  7. Male dogs that are still intact may be refused entry into the group walks if it is deemed at the sole discretion of JDW's as too disruptive to the group.

  8. Dogs eating before exercise can cause fatal consequences; Bloat or gastric Torsion.  The Owner confirms that they will not feed the dog for at least an hour prior to collection as this will allow the food to be digested.

  9. The Owner takes full sole responsibility for any damage caused or harm inflicted by their dog whilst he/she is in the care of JDW's.

  10. The Owner confirms agreement to indemnify fully JDW's for any liability arising from any harm or any damage to any third parties of any associated service providers of JDW's.

  11. Any treatment costs or services needed to received treatment, that are seen to be necessary by JDW's, at their full discretion, to any injuries sustained to the pet whilst at JDW's will be met in full & immediately by the Owner.

  12. JDW's are authorised to use any vet at their discretion in the case of an emergency.

  13. If the Owner fails to provide proof of current vaccinations JDW's reserves the right to refuse admission of the pet into the group.  The RSPCA recommends that dogs are vaccinated against: Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis & Canine Distemper Virus, Infectious canine Hepatitis ICH.  It also recommends Bordetella (Kennel Cough) is also vaccinated against.

  14. There is a chance that even if a dog is vaccinated against Bordetella they may still contract it.  The Owner agrees that this is a risk and will not hold JDW's in any way liable if this does occur.

  15. The Owner agrees that they will make all the necessary actions to ensure that their pet is continuously free of any parasites, infections, infestations or communicable diseases.  If something does occur though, or the Owner becomes aware of exposure to, the Owner agrees to notify JDW's immediately of such and to accept that JDW's may decline to walk the pet.  Such conditions or infections could include Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Bordetella, fleas, ticks (Limes Disease), any type of worms, skin conditions.

  16. The Owner agrees to arrange access for the dog to be collected during a collection time window or to provide keys for JDW's to collect and drop back when returning the pet.  Failure to give access at the times may result in the walk not taking place but the fees may possibly still be chargeable.  Fees are at the sole discretion of JDW's.

  17. The Owner agrees that JDW's is not liable or responsible for any lost, stolen or damage sustained to any of the pets items whilst in the care of JDW's.

  18. Dogs will only be let off the lead once Owner has consented by signing the section in the Pet Information form but will then only be at the complete discretion of JDW's.

  19. The Owner gives permission for their dog to be photographed either individually or in the group, videoed, and/or used in any media or advertising by JDW's without prior approval.  All such media remains the property of JDW's.

  20. No variation, any amendment or change to these Terms & Conditions will have any effect unless confirmed by JDW's in writing.

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